This Is Sackboooooy! (King Leonidas from 300)

My buddy and co-worker Ted turned 40 last week, and I had promised him a custom doll based on one of his favorite movies, 300. I knew this was a favorite because Ted not only owns the uber-fancy Sideshow premium format statue of King Leonidas, he also has a life-size replica of the Spartan shield propped up somewhere in his office upstairs.

Given all this, it was clear that I’d have to take a shot at King Leonidas myself. I went with an antique brass tone zipper for him, and crocheted his hair and beard freehand in one piece. The removable helm was made in three separate pieces: cap, a wraparound piece that included the front crown and cheek guards, and the plume, which is further stiffened with black felt and the selective use of a glue gun. His shield was crocheted with a double thickness of yarn for more stability using a larger hook. The cloak was made from a nice stretch knit with a lot of drape and tied with red bias tape. He’ll be getting a proper spear made from a painted bamboo skewer with a polymer clay spearhead tonight to finish his look.

I was told by my sister that I should use some powder bronzer to give him some abs, but I thought that might be taking accuracy too far, no?

7 thoughts on “This Is Sackboooooy! (King Leonidas from 300)

  1. Hi Maggie,
    I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading what you have to post! It’s one of the best and most informative blogs around:)
    If it’s okay,I’d love to email you more on your experience with the BFL transformation.

  2. Wow you made all of these? That’s amazing…I’m a big sackboy fan as well as a big P90x fan…so I happened to stumble on your site. Nice work!

  3. That is amazing. I’m a huge Gerard Butler fan and I have a nice 300 collection. Is there anyway to get one of those? To have one made or get the pattern or something so I could have one and make them for my friends?

    Thank you for sharing it!


  4. Hi,

    What a creative knit! Who did all that? One must have good imagination on that figure efore you can knit one.

  5. Beautiful work!! I showed my husband your doll and he fell in love with it and asked if I can make one..i looked at him like yeah right so what does he say…can you buy one from her then? LOL, I know people have asked already but do you have a pattern? If not are you willing to make them to sell? Or even have a pattern to sell?

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