Kai Sackgirl Doll (Heavenly Sword)

Check out my latest custom doll commission: an oversized Kai Sackgirl from Heavenly Sword.

When I say oversized, I mean it. Kai stands 13.5″ tall not counting the ears on her hat, and weighs over a pound, most of it head weight. Because of the larger scale, she took a bit longer to than usual to make, but it’s kind of nifty to see a huggable Sack doll.

I used sport weight yarn in an aqua color for the dress, part of the fingerless gloves, and the boots. To keep the same gauge as the rest of the leg, I used a double strand of the aqua yarn for the boot portion.

I also used double strands (and a size I hook) with the worsted weight berry/magenta yarn in the hat to give it more stability and stiffness. Her non-removable hat is trimmed with polymer clay discs.

I stuffed the head and body firmly enough that I didn’t feel the need to put in a rod to stabilize the neck. The head is whipstitched to the body in a ~2” diameter circle. I DID have to add some stability for the open mouth, though. I found some 4” diameter plastic canvas rounds at Michael’s, cut one of them in half, and tacked each half to the back of the open mouth.

There are smaller plastic canvas rounds tacked to the inside of the doll’s soles to keep them flat as well. 🙂

More photos are up in my Picasa album!

2 thoughts on “Kai Sackgirl Doll (Heavenly Sword)

  1. that is sooooo awesome!!!! I can’t wait for her to come in. Thanks again and I can’t wait to order again from you. 🙂

  2. Your blog is so lovely and practical and you are so talented with your sack dolls!

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