LLCJ W6D4: Stay away from the spreadsheet…

I didn’t work out this morning because I stupidly fired up the laptop when I woke up and got sidetracked by Microsoft Money and YNAB, and I am an obsessive-compulsive bean-counter. I got totally sucked into updating my May and June budget numbers for the household, and er…no workout.

Will complete tonight after work and do an extra set of ab circuits as penance.

On the positive side, my various registers are now balanced and we are now just 4 months away from being debt-free except for the house.

LLCJ W6D3: Rolling On

LLCJ said I only had to do 30 minutes of MISS cardio today, so I decided to dust off my inline skates and hit the big loop around my neighborhood for a comfortable skate. It’s 3.6 miles around, and took 27 minutes to complete (~7.5 minute mile). I added another 3 minutes to round off the workout by rolling around my own street a few times.

As usual, I felt it in my shins for the first five minutes or so, but after that, my legs were fine. I LOVE skating–all the cardio benefits of running with none of the gasping, joint stress, or general awfulness of running (for me). And more glute engagement, too.

This is probably the cardio I was born to do.

The gym is only 1.5 miles from the house, so I expect it to take only 10 minutes or so to skate there tomorrow morning for another round of weights. I was secretly worried that I wouldn’t be up to snuff with my skating to roll to the gym this week, but today’s skate convinced me otherwise.

The only negative: Given that I just did a heavy leg workout yesterday and skated today (not to mention that Aunt Flo is visiting), my hamstrings and quads are totally engorged with fluid today, and all of my stretchy pants are in the wash. I’ve been yanking down the legs of my pants all day when I stand up because they keep getting stuck on my thighs, hah!

Can’t wait until the fat loss starts to outpace the muscle (re)gain in a few weeks. I’m feeling fantastically fit, strong, and energetic these days, but dang…I miss seeing my muscles.