eHarmony has kindly given me permission to post two of the commercials now airing in Canada. Chris and I were filmed in Philadelphia this past December for a few of the shots along with two other awesome couples.

Don’t blink, or you might miss me and Chris in our little happy couple cameos!

(And just so you know, our teeth were chattering like crazy during the slow-mo shot on the doorstep.)

1/10/08 Log: Down with the Babydoll!

Sleepy morning for me. I woke up at 6 am, took care of the kitty litter, took the trash out before the truck came by, then fell back asleep until 8:30.


Off-topic to my fellow cat-loving readers: Does anyone else’s cat impatiently wait directly behind you when you are scooping, and immediately step inside the newly-cleaned litter box to stake his/her claim, or is that just my Neville? He also, immediately after taking care of business, spends about 10 minutes spazzing out and tearing around the house, through the kitty flap, around the patio, and back again yodeling “Ow-ruh! Ow-ruh! Ow-ruh!” like something scary attacked him while he was in the box. I suspect that his own poop baffles and terrifies him.

Crazy feline.

Well, I stayed clean on food today as penance, and I did run/walk intervals for 30 minutes during my lunch break in lieu of the missed skate this morning. Yoga and TT core to follow tonight when I get home from work.

Chris gets back tonight from Tallahassee, so my blissful solo evenings at home watching LA Ink and Project Runway while doing crunches and planks on the living room carpet are over for now.

Speaking of Project Runway, does anyone else watch? I cannot believe they booted Kevin last night (his dress wasn’t as disastrous as Christian’s or Ricky’s…or even the winner’s) AND gave the win to that hideous bubble-skirted, electric blue, bejeweled babydoll monstrosity that Victorya put out. BLARGH! Bubble skirts and babydoll silhouettes are not hot on anyone, no matter how in shape, stick-thin, or confident they are. That dress made her client (a slim high school track gal) look like a boobless, slouching blue popsicle complete with two sticks coming out of the bottom.

Victorya’s dress

I think this one by Chris (whom I am soooo glad they brought back the other week)…

Chris’s dress

or this one by Sweet P…

Sweet P’s dress

were much more worthy of a win.

The rest of the prom dress designs can be found here.

– Outdoor interval run/walk (32 min)
– YF Yoga (30 min)
– TT Core Beginner (15 min)

M1) 60g raisins and oats, 3 egg whites, 5 pieces preserved radish with chilis
M2) 1 small banana, 1 mandarin roll
M3) 3 oz. grilled peppered chicken breast, 1 mandarin roll, 1 c. asparagus veggie mix
M4) 1/2 c. 1% cottage cheese, 15g walnuts, 1/2 c. mixed berries
M5) 3 oz. BBQ pork tenderloin with diced tomatoes, 3 c. garden salad, 2 T. low fat dressing
M6) Chocolate soy protein shake and 15 g. walnuts

Est. Calories/Ratios: 1440 calories, 43.5% carb / 36.9% pro / 21.3% fat

Supplements: multivitamin, calcium 600 mg + D, vitamin C, 5g l-glutamine, 3 fish oil caps

One more Trash the Dress moment

This is a rather large 300 KB animated GIF of me and Chris jumping into Wekiwa Springs on Trash the Dress day, so I’m going to spare the low-bandwidth readers the tedium of downloading it automatically by just adding a thumbnail link here. Click if you want to see us hit the water!

Taking the plunge!

What’s Your Best Quality?

Best Quality Chart

I took the “What’s your best quality?” PhD premium quiz last night (it’s free through Dec. 2 if you want to give a shot, too) out of curiosity and learned that:

“Maggie, your top quality is Independence. Combined with your second- and third-ranked qualities, Intelligence and Confidence, you have a very unique set of characteristics you can use to your advantage.

Only .04 percent of all people share these three top qualities. While these are your top three qualities, all 15 or your core qualities contribute to who you are and how you go through life.”

Quality #1: Independence

Quality Description
Being highly independent means liking to do things on one’s own and being naturally self-sufficient. Independent people are as a whole more determined than most and tend to have higher intelligence. However, it is also true that one can be independent without having high determination or intelligence and vice-versa. Another thing most highly independent people have in common is that they can possess a greater sense of integrity than many people around them do.

Your Score
You received a score of 100 out of 100 on this dimension. This indicates that compared with other people who took Tickle’s test you have relatively higher level of confidence.

Quality #2: Intelligence

Quality Description
People scoring high in intelligence are more likely to be unique. Higher intelligence offers greater possibilities in terms of how someone is likely to interpret the world. In addition, intelligent people are typically more able to articulate themselves well and to have high integrity.

Your Score
You received a score of 100 out of 100 on this dimension, indicating that compared with other people who took Tickle’s test, you have relatively higher intelligence.

Quality #3: Confidence

Quality Description
Scoring highly on this quality indicates that you are confident in life. People with high confidence are more likely than most to believe in themselves and to feel that they are strong, secure, intelligent, and sexy. In fact, all of the qualities that people can tend to feel insecure or uneasy about, confident types tend to feel positive about and secure in. In addition to these strengths, confident people are more likely to be articulate, somewhat optimistic, and unique.

Your Score
You received a score of 83 out of 100 on this dimension indicating that you have relatively more confidence than many of the people who took Tickle’s test.

Of course, my two lowest qualities are Compassion and Romanticism–no surprise there. I am too pragmatic and logical to be much of a romantic (though I have an oddball addiction to Regency era romance novels a la Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice). As far as the abysmal Compassion score goes, I think the test is skewed so that the more you lean towards Honesty (I scored 77 out of 100 in that quality and my two top qualities are both linked to a high degree of integrity), the lower your Compassion scores go. In other words, because I generally don’t sugar-coat my words with treacly white lies when someone asks for my *honest* opinion, the test says I am an unsympathetic meaniepants.

Don’t worry, I’m not bothered by this.

I am, however, kind of affronted that I also scored very low on Easygoing! I’ve always thought of myself as fairly laid back compared to other people, especially compared to other women like my many certified Drama Mama roommates, friends, and relatives, but perhaps I am just deluding myself on this matter. I do want to point out that I didn’t freak out even ONCE during all those months of wedding preparations (seriously–no tears, no yelling, no breakdowns, no Bridezilla manifestations), don’t get riled up over stupid little things like imagined social slights (I’m usually too oblivious about other people’s reactions, facial expressions, and existences in general to notice), and am truly a go with the flow kind of gal when out with friends.

Just because I am quite driven about certain aspects of my life like finances, fitness, and learning does NOT mean I’m not easygoing, right?


Thanksgiving Reloaded

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and once again I cannot understand the big hullabaloo that surrounds the traditional foods served on this holiday. In my 32 years of life, I have never had an American style Turkey Day meal that I would consider above mediocre, especially considering how much time, effort, and expense is invested in preparing the dishes. I highly suspect that the happy glow of being with seldom-seen family members sort of transfers over to the very average eats, lending them a patina of yumminess that they do not actually possess.

(T-day eats in my parents’ Taiwanese household, however, kick ass. They toss all Western holiday tradition out the window and go for Korean bulgogi barbecue on the hibachi, Japanese style seafood Shabu-Shabu hotpot with thinly-sliced beef, shrimp, lobster, shitake mushrooms and veggies, sushi, king crab legs, and the occasional filet mignon.)

Frankly, the only American Thanksgiving staple I enjoy is the sweet potato, and this is often not even present. I find everything else on the usual Thanksgiving menu to be pretty uncreative and boring (Ooh, slabs of dry turkey or ham with salty goop made from fat drippings or a mix packet on top! Scoops of potato with the same salty goop on top! Wow! Corn straight from the can with butter on top!) or downright gross (All casseroles: mushy, congealed green bean casserole — which is usually the ONLY non-starchy vegetable option on the table — equally congealed mac-and-cheese casserole, or cheesy scalloped potato casserole. Is there no end to the things that Westerners can find to chuck into a pan with a block of cheese and a can of cream or soup and bake until semi-solid and unrecognizable?).

Now that I have sufficiently panned traditional Thanksgiving dinner food, here’s what I would make instead:

– Pumpkin crab soup
– Pan-fried pork/veggie dumplings with chili garlic dipping sauce
– Moo Shu Turkey crepe wraps with veggies and plum sauce (WW recipe)
Stir-fried salt-and-pepper shrimp with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, and tomatoes on skewers
– Baked seasoned sweet potato fries
– Green beans sauteed in olive oil with garlic
– Broccoli and bok choy in oyster sauce
– Apple, pear, and cranberry oatmeal crisp (WW recipe) with a scoop of Breyers butter pecan ice cream
– Pumpkin/zucchini bread (made with ground oats instead of flour)

(Will put up the rest of the recipes soon.)

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking for your own family or playing guest? Will it be a traditional Thanksgiving spread for you or something a bit more creative?

Bittersweet is the day…

…on one’s fat loss journey when the favorite pair of unforgiving, non-stretch AG jeans slides on comfortably with nary a sign of the aesthetically-unpleasing and physically-uncomfortable muffin top when seated…


…But all seven of one’s vitally-necessary size 34B Champion Shape sports bras start to feel distressingly loose in the cup area.


My Mini Personality Profile!

I found this little personality profile widget from eHarmony pretty amusing, particularly since the full-length eHarmony profile was responsible for matching me up with my husband three years ago.

I thought my Extroversion score was unusually high since I’ve always considered myself an introvert, but check out my Emotional Stability score…. That’s right — no crazy PMS mood swings here! Mad cereal cravings, yes, but no random bouts of high drama. 😉

So how do you stack up against this mildly OCD, number-crunching, boy-brained fitness geek?

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