More Wolfy Crochet Action: Teen Wolf Sackboy

March has been a very wolfy month for me. No sooner had I finished the Fruit Brute mask Sackboy then yet another wolf-themed doll order came in from a co-worker. He wanted a Sackboy doll based on the Teen Wolf character played by Michael J. Fox in the 1980’s. He even provided some nifty screen shots of Teen Wolf in his basketball outfit for reference.

The base head and body were crocheted as usual from Red Heart Soft and Bernat Satin yarns, but once the main doll was finished, stuffed and assembled, I crocheted some furry overlay pieces using Lion Brand Fun Fur in Chocolate using a large size K hook and big, loose stitches. The overlays went on the legs, outer surfaces of the arms, and the head and chin. I finished the head by adding an extra row of regular yarn around the edge of his face. The uniform was crocheted with yellow Peaches & Creme cotton yarn with numbers made from chains of black crochet thread. The basketball was also made from Peaches & Creme cotton.

Little Big Bad Wolf: Fruit Brute Sackboy

What do you get when you mash up a regular classic Sackboy and an obscure kid’s cereal from the 70’s?

Fruit Brute Sackboy!

The Fruit Brute mask is completely removable via a slit in the bottom of the mask. Due to the relatively large size of the Sackboy’s head, the mask is removed by pulling the doll’s head through the mouth and the body through the bottom of the mask vs. the other way around. The Sackboy uses my regular Sackboy base while the mask was completely improvised from a reference image of the cereal mascot I obtained from the Interwebs.

Fruit Brute Sackboy was commissioned as a gift for regular Fruit Brute, who posted about it here. 😉

Ulala Space Channel 5 Sackgirl

It’s rare that I get an order for a female Sackperson since most people seem to want male characters turned into custom dolls, so when Game-Boy from asked if I could make Miss Ulala from the Sega Dreamcast game Space Channel 5, I agreed immediately.

She’s about 9.5″ tall thanks to her platform boots and big pink pigtails, and wears an orange and white miniskirt and matching crop top, huge headphones with hands-free mic, and (not pictured but there!) red undies. And she has a huge microphone, too.

Ooh la la indeed!

Sackboy Kratos, the Little Big God of War

Say hello to Kratos from the PS2/PS3 video game God of War in Sackboy form! I modeled him after the pre-order bonus skin from LittleBigPlanet, down to the jagged-edged swords, chain trim, and grumpy faced expression. He features a real antique brass-colored zipper, silver-tone chain trim, crocheted thread tattoo markings, and custom sculpted and painted polymer clay swords which can be held in his hands or cross-slung over his back.

He’s insanely cute standing at my desk.

Kratos is up for sale in my Artfire store. Buy him immediately for the asking price, or make me a reasonable offer if you are interested!

Birthday Sackgirl and Astro SackBoy

After I was originally mentioned in Kotaku last month, I received an avalanche of inquiries about dozens of different possible custom dolls. (For those who have emailed me, I’m way behind on answering that first round of emails, but I am going to do my best to answer everyone by this Sunday at the latest.) I decided to take the Valentine’s Day and early February birthday present orders first, and these are two of the dolls that made the cut, along with a few classic nekkid brown dolls. 😉

First is a birthday Sackgirl modeled after a player’s actual in-game character. She features a crocheted striped swimsuit and the Sackgirl style eyes with felt lashes and polymer clay whites.

Next is a wee little Astro Sack Boy doll commissioned for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t he cute?

He has some very bright red rocket boots going on as well as some crazy sculptural hair.

Stay tuned! Coming up later this week: Ulala from Space Channel Five and Kratos from God of War!

Sack Prince of Persia

What I like about making these dolls is that each one presents a new challenge that keeps things fresh. This week’s project was to transform the latest Prince of Persia into a Sackboy, sword, clawed gauntlet, hair, clothing, and all.

It took longer than any of the other dolls I’ve made, but it was well worth the effort. I got to glue gun some polymer clay onto yarn for the first time, too. 🙂

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I put the final touches on Hell(Sack)Boy today including revised legs, shorts with a hole for his tail, decorative top stitching, and a cigar. I kind of liked him without the decorative stitches, but he’s cute this way, too.

Custom Crochet Sackboys Galore

Welcome to all of the visitors from Kotaku. Thanks for checking out my dolls, and sorry for the slow site. I didn’t expect this many people stopping by. 😉

Sometimes, I amaze even myself.

From left to right: Hellboy, Spock, Daft Wullie (a Nac Mac Feegle from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books), and Sackboy Classic.

Each of these custom dolls takes between 4-8 hours to make, and the average size is around 8-9″.

And yes, I take custom orders. Prices will range between $30 for a basic doll to $50 and up for custom characters depending on complexity and cost of materials. I can pretty much hook up any character you like. Contact me if interested. 🙂

More photos of the dolls are up at: