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Nutrition and Recipes (Free)

Forums and Support Groups

Calculators and Tracking Tools

Online Trainers, Coaches, and Programs

  • Body By O Individualized nutrition and workout program and pre-contest preparation by Kim Oddo; progress is checked every 2 weeks and your program is modified accordingly
  • Vizual X-Cellence Custom nutrition and workout plans by Chris “Swolecat” Janusz
  • Club Lifestyle Online tools and coaching club by Dave Greenwalt, author of The Leanness Lifestyle (30 Day free trial). For those who want a hardcore weight loss boot camp, give the Boot Camp Intensive program a try
  • Muscle Audio Professor Leanness Lifestyle’s Dave Greenwalt provides audio coaching for various weight lifting routines on CD and MP3
  • Many diet plans to choose from (including the Eating for Life plan by Bill Phillips, author of Body for Life), a decent general exercise plan, recipes, and support groups
  • (Part of, Inc.)
  • Beachbody Makers of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness System DVD workout programs — active support board, WOWY (Work Out With You) virtual gym where you can sign up to workout simultaneously with other people around the world at a scheduled time, and more information about their products
  • Turbulence Training An extensive series of workout manuals by strength and conditioning coach Craig Ballantyne that emphasizes effective, intense resistance and interval cardio sessions to give you results in less time.
  • Precision Nutrition A comprehensive nutrition program based on sports nutrition principles and carb/fat separation in meals. Includes two explanatory DVDs, the Gourment Nutrition cookbook, two audio CDs, and a binder containing the PN program, quick meals collection, supershake recipes, and an individualization guide to customize the baseline PN program for each person.


Additional links are available here: Fitness and Transformation Links and Online Resources at John Stone Fitness forums.

23 thoughts on “Fitness Resources

  1. Good list of resources, Maggie.

    Might want to add Exercise Prescription to the list, I always found it helpful when trying to find new exercises.


  2. Another site you might want to add is http:\ It has 1000’s of articles on exercise and nutrition.

  3. Hey Maggie,

    I really like this site and admire your strong determination to build muscles and lose some body fat!

    I’m curious if you used Chondroitin, MSM, Glutamine, Creatine, etc.? If so, how much did you take?

    Thanks and good luck with the rest of your program! 😀

  4. I use a creatine/glutamine combination from GNC called Creastack after resistance training workouts, but I don’t load it or use the full recommended dose. I just dump about 1 level teaspoon of the stuff in with my PWO shake, and usually only three times a week. I’ve used A-L-carnitine in the past, but I can’t really say if that or the creatine/glutamine have made much difference in my progress. The effects of these supplements aren’t really measurable, and I don’t have joint issues that would make it useful to try a supplement like glucosamine which is said to produce immediate, noticeable results.

    I’d rather put my faith in good nutrition, a multivitamin, and some extra calcium. :biggrin:

  5. Wow, that Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup looks like it would fit the bill for my free meal this weekend. Do you have the recipe up on this site? If not, can you please post it? Looks quite yummy! :eat:

    Must get a good workout the next day lol. :barbells:

    The only thing is, I don’t eat beef so I guess I can replace it with chicken or turkey right?

  6. Hi Maggie,

    I just discovered your blog by doing a google search for beachbody turbo jam – just wanna say that I dig it – most fitness blogs are a bit dorky, but yours is hip.

    Also, you seem to be doing a lot of what I do or have done (ie leanness lifestyle). If you want an Excel sheet w/ all the LL formulas (similar to their website), email me.


  7. Maggie,

    Found your site through reading some of your comments on JSF. Thought you might be interested in website that deals with Women and weight training. The site has been around a long time, I first read it back when I used to read newsgroups (something like, though I can’t quite recall)


  8. Erps! My bad, I read through your nicely extensive list above again and lo-and-behold I found it. :whistle:

    Thanks for the time you took putting it all together.

  9. Just had a question…..what type of pull-up bar are you using in the photos?

    Thanks for you time…….


  10. Great website Maggie. I came across it by accident looking for extra sheets for p90x. Since you’ve done a lot of these workouts, which do you recommend. Specifically, which do you thing were most effective, easiest to stay with, produced the best results. If you had to rate them, how would you order them. Any you think probably wren’t really effective for you or marginally so? Thanks keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Maggie! This list is very helpful and I find your fitness journey very inspiring. I am also 5’6 and aiming for a goal of 130 pounds. I started on January 2nd at 210 pounds, today I am 159.5. Keep up the good work, I am sure we both will reach our goal! 😀

  12. Hello, I’ve read the P90X Nutrition Nutrition Plan, on page 19 it says “A shopping list of the groceries needed for the Meal Plan approach is included at the end of each phase for your convenience” Well I’ve looked all over and cant find the shopping list, do you happen to have that list. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you

  13. Hi Maggie,
    I read here now and then, as you’re quite the inspiration for folks like me with fitter aspirations.
    I was wondering, since you seem to be quite knowledgeable about online resources for health and fitness, if you are aware of any sites/books/etc. geared toward people with health issues? I love(d) my high-intensity workouts, but have been taking it easy (more steady-state stuff) for quite a while since being dx’d with some health issues. (And by health issues, I’m talking autoimmune.)
    I thought it may be worthwhile to ask you because you’ve got a lot of awareness for fitness!
    Thanks 🙂 Always love reading!

  14. I have seen a lot of info on TT lately…how do you find the program? Is it a book?

  15. Hi. I purchased the Chalean Extreme from a website and it dosen’t include the workout Calendar. Do you know where I can get that? Help!

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