Seed List

Hybrids are marked with a *

Basil Genovese
Basil Lettuce Leaf
Chives Chives
Dill Boquet
Oregano Origanum Vulgare

Strawberry Strawberry Fresca
Watermelon Black Diamond Yellow Flesh
Watermelon Desert King Yellow

Carrots Scarlet Nantes

Corn Calico Ornamental Indian

Eggplant Brazilian Oval Orange
* Eggplant Fairy Tale
Eggplant Long Purple Oriental
Eggplant Pandora Striped Rose

Kale Vate’s Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch
Lettuce Black-Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Iceberg

* Pepper Beauty Bell Green (Bell)
* Pepper Early Sunsation Yellow (Bell)

Pepper Bulgarian Carrot Hot (Chile)
Pepper Caribbean Red Chile (Chile)
Pepper Giant Thai Hot (Chile)
Pepper Hungarian Black Chile (Chile)
Pepper Long Thin Cayenne (Chile)

Pepper Golden Greek Pepperoncini (Sweet)
Pepper Cubanelle (Sweet)
Pepper Pimiento L (Sweet)

Pumpkin Cushaw Striped

Soybean Edible Early Hakucho

* Spinach Space Hybrid

Squash Hubbarb Blue
Squash Pink Banana
Squash Saffron Prolific Straightneck
Squash Zucchini Round

Tomato Caspian Pink
* Tomato Container Choice
Tomato Mortgage Lifter
Tomato New Zealand Pink Pear
Tomato Purple Calabash
Tomato Tumbling Tom (cherry)
Tomato White Wonder

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