Training Schedule

3 thoughts on “Training Schedule

  1. by chance are you possible to put the nutrition plan for the px90 on your website….please,please,pleasde

    much mahalos from hawaii

    martin souza

  2. Your postings have helped me somewhat organize an otherwise-confused and incomprehensible plan. I’m going to start HIIT (as I hate those long, boring cardio sessions) twice a week and probably P90x with added cardio, as my gym is frighteningly crowded and the free-weight room is teenie-weenie (stationed in Germany… I swear Iraq had better gyms!). I emailed SwoleCat and I may try that later on (gotta get some birthday funds from the Hubby on that one!).

    Just wanted you to know that your blog has been the best source of information for me lately. I appreciate all of your thought-out reviews and all of the detail you’ve meticulously included in your posts. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Hello
    Was directed to your website through another blog in reference to a training excel print out sheet in connection to new rules of liftining for women. Would appreciate any information

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